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Resolving Conflict In Relationships

Conflict means to have a clash of ideas or to disagree with another person. Conflict comes to bring change in us or to the other person or both.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when conflict comes into our relationships.

How did it start?

Have I taken ownership of the part I played?

Why is the conflict happening?…


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7 Steps To Take To Regain Trust In Relationships

1. Desire to rebuild trust (must want to first)

2. What my part in loss of trust (examine self)

3. what can I do to reestablish trust (don’t blame)

4. Set healthy boundaries ( allow time to restore trust)

5. Let go of past mistakes (don’t hold grudges)

6. Apply love and forgiveness

7. Ask God for help/God's love in you and through you will help to restore trust! Trust will return with the…


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How to Start New Beginnings In Our Relationships

Any time is a great time for restarting a relationship. Especially in the fall, my favorite time of the year. So I have decided to freshly fall in Love.

I'm choosing to forgive all the hurts/disappointments/wrongs and bring healing in my heart and relationships by allowing my heart to love again again and again.

Wow that's simple.

All I have to do is to:

1. Forgive others and my self for all the hurts and disappointments

2. Ask God…


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Tips For Finding Love

Here are 7 tips I learned when seeking love:

1. Hiding: stop putting walls up/keep your heart open:

2. Forgive: all of those who hurt you and forgive yourself

3. Give: by giving love/ you will get love

4. Offenses: don't hold on to offenses

5. Anger: release all stored up anger

6. Disappointments: let them go

7. Ask/Seek/Knock and love will be given to you with overflowing measure/

Unconditionally: Ask… Continue

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Polly's Referrals

Polly's Referrals:

Plumber: Kirk Johnson

720 327 0584

Adrian:720 394 8907 Repairs/painting/handyman

Floors: Jeri: 303 881 5991

Electrical:  Ceaser

720 352 7581

Movers/Hauling: Clayton Jones: 720 296 8985

Sprinkler/Water Services/Snow removal/plumbing

Carl/Ann: 720 587 5802 

House Keeping/Home Care/Donna Hopkins

720 227 8771

Polly's Attorney: Angela Boykin: 303 257 9904


Marty Sturgil

Handy man: great with everything: ask him for what you need: 720 982 7373 



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