Pastoral Care

Pastor Polly Sanders-Peterson can provide pastoral care for families experiencing death  of a loved one, especially those without a church home. She can also provide comfort, prayer, healing, planning of a service, and celebration of life in times of death.

Pastor Polly Sanders-Peterson is available to share God’s love and comfort with you, your family, and friends in time of a loss, bereavement, and grief.

I am an ordained, non-denominational pastor who has served my clients and families in times of loss, bereavement and in counsel. I can be reached at (720) 581-0059 directly day or night, or via email at

I often serve families in times of death who do not belong to a church, but desire to have the presence of God’s love, care, and word during these times of grief and loss. I will pray with you and help you plan a time of “celebration” for your loved one and help you work out all the arrangements, details, and provide faith based counsel.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Checks/Donations  can be made out to Covenant House Of Love. We thank you for your donations for our services that will help us in our care ministry of others. We provide care ministry in our communities, prisons, our free support and counseling groups, and our books ministry and in our Conferences/Seminars.

Know we love you and God does too. We are available and here to serve you in times of your loss and if I can’t provide the service myself, I will pray and work with you to find the right Pastor. I also provide referrals and references for other loving and caring pastors, chaplains, counselors, or bereavement support groups.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or text me at (720) 581-0059 or email me at You can find out more information about me throughout this website or on


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Polly's Referrals

Polly's Referrals:

Plumber: Kirk Johnson

720 327 0584

Adrian:720 394 8907 Repairs/painting/handyman

Floors: Jeri: 303 881 5991

Electrical:  Ceaser

720 352 7581

Movers/Hauling: Clayton Jones: 720 296 8985

Sprinkler/Water Services/Snow removal/plumbing

Carl/Ann: 720 587 5802 

House Keeping/Home Care/Donna Hopkins

720 227 8771

Polly's Attorney: Angela Boykin: 303 257 9904


Marty Sturgil

Handy man: great with everything: ask him for what you need: 720 982 7373 



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