LOVE SEARCH by Polly Sanders-Peterson

"Great ministry resource!!"

An excellent book and ministry resource for anyone struggling with finding love and keeping God first in your life. Mrs Sanders-Peterson willingness to honestly share her life struggles with finding love and God will help you recognize areas in your own life where God's healing touch and guidance is needed. - Kenton Clark

LOVE SEARCH and POWER OF PERSEVERANCE are endorsed by Michael B. Hancock, Mayor of Denver, CO.

Ministries/prisons/with special need of books: Call 303 744 2122


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Comment by Polly Sanders-Peterson on April 24, 2015 at 6:54pm

If you are struggling with falling back into the same pits or same situations/circumstances, get copy of my New Book: "Power Of Perseverance" and learn how to over come open cracks of the enemy in your live!!! 

Polly's Referrals

Polly's Referrals:

Plumber: Kirk Johnson

720 327 0584

Adrian:720 394 8907 Repairs/painting/handyman

Floors: Jeri: 303 881 5991

Electrical:  Ceaser

720 352 7581

Movers/Hauling: Clayton Jones: 720 296 8985

Sprinkler/Water Services/Snow removal/plumbing

Carl/Ann: 720 587 5802 

House Keeping/Home Care/Donna Hopkins

720 227 8771

Polly's Attorney: Angela Boykin: 303 257 9904


Marty Sturgil

Handy man: great with everything: ask him for what you need: 720 982 7373 




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