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Update from Pastor Polly: 2020

With our New Work Book: Inner Healing" we will reach more emotional hurting and wounded women than ever this year: 

Not only behind bars in women prisons but in our Outreach ministry to our communities and healing through our New Book: 

"INNER HEALING" (coming later this year: 2020).

Please give financial  to help support our following needs: 

We are 501c3 Non Profit.

        * $2,000 publishing:

          WORK BOOK


  • Help buying  our books for women in prison:$1.500 Free Women: Support and Counseling  Groups:
  • We provide the following help: 
  • On Line Resources: under: GET HELP
  • Prayer  7am -7pm,  hour Prayer Line: 303  744 2122 7days a week or send your prayer requests: ppsministries@msn.com    we will pray in Power of God's Love and Living Word! 1 John 5: 14-15   Jeremiah 33:3  

Know as you have given God will give back to you where you need it (promise of God) LUKE 6:38

Thank you for your Donation, Support, and Prayer - Love, Pastor Polly and Ministry Team.



"WITH HIM": MY NEW BOOK and Kindle

www.amazon.com ;

Covenant House of Love (aka PPS Ministries) is a non-profit outreach ministry dedicated to helping you fill the void in your heart/life and come to know and experience God's unconditional love/ Inner Healing,  acceptance, and intimacy for your life.

Are you feeling rejected, insecure,  unstable emotionally, or carrying old hurts and wounds that are keeping you from knowing and experiencing God's love and Total Healing in your life?  contact us right away. (Prayer line: 7-7 @ 303 744 2122

Pastor Polly Sanders-Peterson and the Ministry Team have been helping women just like you learn how to know the love and acceptance of Jesus as the the most important step in your  Inner Healing process and coming to place of inner healing in your Soul: (Mind/Will/Emotions). 1 Thess. 5:23

We offer Free Support and Counseling Groups for Women.  We also have great Christian Counselors we referee/call us for help!   303 744 2122

 We are currently teaching and counseling women in  Prison @ the: DWCF,  Denver Women  Correctional Facility with our 12 weeks "Women's Support and Counseling Groups and using "Love Search"   "Power Of Perseverance" and "WITH HIM" as Resources for teaching/counseling: (Due to COVID 19) we are not in the Women prisons: But we are returning !     

Pastor Polly is filled with God's Love,  Compassion, and Anointing  as  a teacher, Coach,  Counselor, Mentor,  Conference speaker, Director / TV and Radio host, and Author of: "Love Search" and "Power Of Perseverance" and just Released: "WITH HIM"  www.amazon.com and you will love her FREE Blogs and Articles on this site.

 our prayer line - 303 744 2122 or to reach Pastor Polly: 720 581 0059 

JER. 33:3 - Call on God and He will answer you!!!  His Divine Promise!!!!! and Heal you of All hurts and woundedness!  Psm. 147:3 

Call: 303 744 2122 for prayer: 7-7 daily




RESOURCE HEALING WORK BOOK: find and get the help you always wanted and needed. Great for Indivuals: small groups: prison: women faith groups. 

Available: amazon: Barnes and noble:

Walmart: Pollyandcompany salon and on line: covenanthouseoflove.com  

More info: Pastor Polly


3030 744 2122

720 581 0059 c

Radio Ministry:

Polly Ann Sanders-Peterson's

Second Book: Power of Perseverance

How often have you had these thoughts or feelings?:

1. Life is not worth living – I want to give up and quit!

2. All my problems and situations deal with lack and are too hard to fix, handle or overcome. My circumstances will never change for my good!

3. No one cares for me - no one loves me. I feel forgotten, alone, and abandoned!

4. I am tired of fighting, struggling, and falling into the same black holes! I am tired of living a life of discouragement, depression, and despair! Nothing ever works out for me!

I have struggled with all of these wrong feelings, thoughts, problems, circumstances, and more - can you relate?

For years I was overcome with disappointments, discouragements, depression and despair. Many times I felt like life was not worth living and all I wanted to do was to give up! Often I would ask, "Why should I keep trying when all I ever see and experience is defeat after defeat?” I felt like things would never change for me. Problems always seemed too hard and no matter how hard I would try to fix a problem, another one would come along even greater than the one before! When would it cease and would it ever be easier for me?! I would cry out to God: “When, God, when?” “Why do things have to be so hard for me?

With my new book Power of Perseverance, you will learn how to take the Spiritual tools and gifts God has given us, such as love, faith, prayer, His Living Word (the Bible), and the Authority and Power of His Son's Name, Jesus, and speak to your circumstances and mountains! You will learn to call things not as they seem or appear, but according to what God says they are, in Jesus’ Name. You will be able to trust and lean on God's total power and might and complete Sovereignty and His unconditional love and care for you. In Him, we walk by faith, not by sight, and walk in total victory in our lives! He will never leave you - never! (Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13:5)


Power of Perseverance, is available in print and e-book format through most popular online retailers, including: Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Xulon Press, and eBook.com

Signed copies are available at Polly's Salon/Denver, Cherry Creek or email her at ppsministries@msn.com and she will ship you a sign copy of "Power Of Perseverance" -

Paypal payments: $10.00 Book + Shipping: USA only

Love Search, Polly Ann Sanders-Peterson's new book, is now available.
Get your copy here!

Dear Readers...

Have you ever suffered hidden hurts, physical and sexual abuse, rejection, abandonment, woundedness, and through it all--your most passionate and constant cry was, "I just want to be loved?"

Polly Sanders-Peterson's book, Love Search, is a story about one woman's life-long journey for love and the valuable lessons she learned along the way. This book doesn't pull any punches; it's an honest, revealing account of how her search led her directly into the arms of God. Read her story and find God's awesome healing power for your life, too!

-Marilyn Hickey, Marilyn Hickey Ministries


Polly's Referrals

Polly's Referrals:

Plumber: Kirk Johnson

720 327 0584

Adrian:720 394 8907 Repairs/painting/handyman

Floors: Jeri: 303 881 5991

Electrical:  Ceaser

720 352 7581

Movers/Hauling: Clayton Jones: 720 296 8985

Sprinkler/Water Services/Snow removal/plumbing

Carl/Ann: 720 587 5802 

House Keeping/Home Care/Donna Hopkins

720 227 8771

Polly's Attorney: Angela Boykin: 303 257 9904


Marty Sturgil

Handy man: great with everything: ask him for what you need: 720 982 7373 



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